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Shipping Services

Container Line Handling
We handle the 3rd Largest Container Liner in the world – CMA-CGM.  CGM is the largest Container Liner calling Antigua, which is fitting that the Largest Shipping Agency in Antigua, Brysons Shipping, represents them as an agent for Sales, Stevedoring and full Port Agency services.

Stevedoring Services

Brysons Shipping provides Stevedoring services for various types of carriers such as:

  • Lumber Vessels
    • Brysons Shipping has been discharging lumber for vessels, such as Clipper America Lumber Vessels, for decades and is renowned for our Stevedoring services in this area of specialized lumber discharge.
  • Car Carriers
    • Kawasaki Ki Lines currently utilizes our Stevedoring services for the discharge of their vehicles from their vessels. Our safe and efficient record over the years is a testimony of our Stevedoring expertise in this area. Our Stevedores department offers much experience and follow the current guidelines in the safe and efficient discharge of vehicles.
  • Yacht Transport Vessels
    • Brysons Shipping is the official Port Agent and Stevedoring Company in Antigua which handles the loading and offloading of yachts for the leading Yacht Transport Vessels.
  • Peters & May
    • They utilize the expertise of Brysons Shipping Stevedoring services, along with their load masters, for the offloading and loading of yachts in Antigua.
  • Seven Seas Yacht Transport
    • They utilize the expertise of Brysons Shipping Stevedoring Services, along with their load masters, for the offloading and loading of Yachts in Antigua.  

Specialized Cargo
Over the years, Brysons Shipping has handled the discharge of specialized cargo in Antigua.

  • We have handled discharge services for Antigua’s ElectricalPower Plant by the stevedoring of hundreds of tons of buildings and equipment.
  • We have handled the stevedoring discharge and transportation of hundreds of tons of equipment for Antigua’s National Stadium, Sir Viv Richards Stadium.
  • We have also handled the discharge of charter vessels for Antigua’s Public Hospital, Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, with hundreds of tons of equipment.
  • For Antigua’s International Airport, Brysons Shipping has shared in stevedoring discharge services and transportation of hundreds of tons of equipment.

Customs Brokerage 
Brysons Shipping also offers ancillary services, such as Customs Brokerage, making our agency a One Stop Service for any importer internationally. We provide Customs Brokerage clearing and transportation services for International companies such as:

  • Payless Shoes Company – We clear cargo through customs for Payless Shoes
  • Rubis Oil Company – We clear shipments and equipment through customs for Rubis International Oil
  • All Major Cruise Lines – We clear shipments through customs for all of the major Cruise Lines arriving and departing from Antigua.
  • We also handle the clearing of cargo through customs for all incoming and outgoing shipments for individuals and companies wishing to ship cargo to and from Antigua.

Port Agency
Brysons Shipping is the largest Port Agent in Antigua. We handle approximately 98% of all the cruise ships calling Antigua including: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, Disney Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruises, Viking Cruises, and many others.

As the largest Port Agency in Antigua, we also handle various other types of vessels calling Antigua including:

  • Mega Yachts  – We handle Port Agency operations for V.I.P. yachts.
  • Military Vessels – We handle Port Agency operations for U.S. Military Ships including Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, and other S. patrol vessels. Also, we handle Port Agency operations for British Military Vessels, as well other military vessels for other countries on their calls to Antigua.

The ETA Motorcycle Group

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