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Healthcare Providers


Dr. Dane Abbott Women's Clinic, Tel: 268-462-4133
Dr. Gwendolyn Fevrier-Roberts Ramco Building, Tel: 268-462-2770
Dr. Raymond Mansoor Tanner Str. & Corn Alley, Tel: 268-463-2232
Dr. Andre Winter Fort James Rd. Tel: 268-562-1977
Dr. Dean Martin Suite 9, Jasmine Court, Friar's Hill Rd. Tel: 268-562-9101

Family Doctors

Dr. Philmore Benjamin Vivian Richards St. Tel: 268-462-3630 : Mobile: 268-464-3782
Dr. Delrose Christian Market & Tanner Streets, Tel: 268-462-5752
Dr. Prince Ramsey Ramco Building, Tel: 268-462-0522
Dr. Leslie Walwyn Stapleton Lane, Tel: 268-462-1309
Dr. Kimberly Mallin American University of Antigua (AUA), Tel: 268-484-8900
Dr. Damian Gordon Old Parham Road, Tel: 268-562-8833
Dr. Jasunella Gore Gore's Health Care & Cassada Gardens, Tel: 268-561-8125/783-3135


Dr. Linda Lovell-Roberts Cross Street, Tel: 268-462-3710
Dr. Arlene Sorhaindo Stapleton Lane, Tel: 268-562-2660

ENT & Orthopedic

Dr. George Roberts Independence Drive, Tel: 268-462-2770
Dr. K. K. Singh Ortho Medical Associates, Woods Mall, Tel: 268-460-7720

Internal Medicine

Dr. Ian Thomas Long Street, Tel: 268-462-0885
Dr. Jason Belizaire JRB Internal Medicine, Tel: 268-562-1168
Dr. Sharon Cordner Gambles Medical Centre, Tel: 268-562-7111


Dr. Dwayne Thwaites Medical Specialist Clinic Upper Nevis Street Tel: 268-562 8270

Eye Care

Dr. Karen Roberts Eyeland Optical Tel: 268-462-2020
Antigua Optical Co. Ltd. Stapleton Lane Tel: 268-462-6439
Dr. Salem Zreibi Progessive Vision Tel: 268-562-6265
Dr. Byron Andrew Eye Mobile, Lower Gambles Tel: 268-562-7823
Dr. Alvin Edwards Redcliffe Street Tel: 268-462-2748
Dr. Ian Walwyn Stapleton Lane Tel: 268-462-0031
Dr. Maritza Materan Stapleton Lane Tel: 268-462-0031
Dr. Jamella Fabian Paradise Vision Center #2 Mega Plaza, All Saints Road Tel: 268-562-9150


Dr. Gregson Williams Williams & Associates Tel: 268-462-1381
Dr. Derek Marshall Dental Care Clinic Tel: 268-462-2525
Dr. Maxwell Francis Family Dentistry Tel: 268-462-0058
Dr. Deborah Akande Gentle Dental Tel: 268-462-2000
Dr. Kronskie Dickenson Island Smile Dentistry Tel: 268-562-6073
Dr. S.V. Raj Cross Street Tel: 268-461-6811
Dr. Sulee Gore Gore's Health Care, Cassada Gardens Tel: 268-561-8125

Healthcare Facilities

Mount St. John Medical Center Michael's Mount Tel: 268-462-0251
Woods Urgent Care Centre Woods Centre Tel: 268-562-1168
Belmont Clinic All Saints Road Tel: 268-562-1343
Dr. Adama Francis Medical Complex Antigua, Deanery Place 562-9234/785-9793

Diagnostic Centers

Island Diagnostic Centre Long & Cross Street Tel: 268-562-9017/18


BEL LAB Services Woods Centre Tel: 268-562-1391
Bio-Health Medical Laboratory Market & Nevis Streets Tel: 268-562-3738
Medpath Clinical Laboratory Upr St. Mary's Street Tel: 268-562-5227
Medical Laboratory Services Upper Church Street Tel: 268-462- 4098


Ceco Pharmacy High Street Tel: 268-562-4706
Ramco Pharmacy Ramco Building Tel: 268-462-2944
Epicurean Pharmacy Friars Hill Road Tel: 268-481-5400
Woods Pharmacy Wood's Centre Tel: 268-462-9287/462-9288
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